Provide a range of kind of Hamstrung Machete, Betawi Machete, Seliwa Machete, and Slash Machete .. There are also ANTIQUE knifes / Large (Bowie) ... All goods are include sheath from Ki areng wood , etc.. The handle could be from buffalo horn or Ki areng wood. Blades of steel scarce materials are from per Delman / Andong, Chain Saw, or old per JeepWilys who was famous among the ordinary people because of the results.

Designed, honed and finishing traditionally (100% handmade) by Ustadz who has experienced many year providing machetes and butchering Qurban / Aqiqoh ​​also understand type of machetes, anatomical grip and a little bit Seliwa Machete knowledge. In wrought by an experienced blacksmith anyway .. Blacksmith of Tenjo, Jasinga.

Able to slash animals neck from goats, buffaloes and cows. Also as collections, housewares and gardening.
God willing, if with the correct technique for slaughtered goat / buffalo / cow Qurban or Aqiqoh ​​enough 1x - 2x slices it though the skin and thick fur. Proven on Eid Al-Adha 1432 H could then slaughter the animals for up to 5 buffaloes and 10 goats without sharpened before. Simply washing with clean water then wipe it dry .. and machete ready for use again. Appearance on Facebook:
Tested also can slice paper, abrasive to the nails and hair (sharp as a Gillette razor blade), strong and corrosion resistant steel as original material.

Material used:

The video from YouTube:

The review results test some machetes [shaving the hair, slash .. be supine and prostrate]:
1. Review Shaving the hair
2. Review Slash
3. Review Simetris
  a. Supine machete
  b. Prostrate machete
Machete / Knife consists of two types and functions, namely: Hamstrung and Slash. In addition there is the Fresh from the furnace and Ready Stock, you can order or customized materials and design to suit your needs at SOLD, can order in advance with 50% DP with a minimum order of 10 (ten). 

Interesting Price List:
  1. Machete/ Knife, length of lath without handle = 26cm - 30cm:
    • Handle buffalo horn : USD 70,-
    • Handle Wood : USD 65,-
  2. Machete/ Knife medium, length of lath without handle = 20 cm - 25cm:
    • Handle buffalo horn : USD 60,-
    • Handle Wood : USD 55,-
Our email address:
Our address: Jl. Palmerah Barat 6, Rawa Belong, RT05/015 No. 35 Jakarta Barat 11540 Indonesia.

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  1. Machetes or knives that we sell ONLY for to useful things, NOT to be used in criminal actsPlease inform the usefulness of the previous machete / knife that will be purchased to us.
  2. Please email us for your offering letter.
  3. Your satisfaction and quality of goods is our priority.

The models that we have ever made:

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